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Invest in protecting Glass to ensure it is kept looking like new in your home with showers, architectural windows, pool balustrades and the like. Glass protection maintains the appearance and value, along with lower maintenance cleaning, resisting corrosion and importantly keeping glass surfaces hygienic.

Our award-winning, durable glass protection creates a proven anti-microbial surface and is used worldwide to promote the highest standards of hygiene in public spaces.

It resists both organic and inorganic substances that chemically bond to unprotected glass preventing losses in clarity, visibility and cleanliness. . Eg: limescale runoff from concrete face, irrigation onto glass, internal shower build up is common examples

ClearShield is award-winning, durable glass protection which will;

  • make your glass much easier to clean & keep clean 
  • resist limescale build-up, bacteria and water spots
  • maintain a pristine appearance for longer
  • ensures that glass in windows, conservatories and glass balustrades remains as clean and bright as the day it was installed, giving optimal clarity with the least possible effort.

ClearShield is used across the globe in the most extreme conditions, protecting and enhancing the windows of cruise ships, international airports and skyscrapers, and has proven itself against the ravages of time, weather and pollution for nearly 40 years.

Developed by Ritec in the UK it’s the #1 Glass surface treatment

ClearShield® is a unique polymeric resin that uniquely cross-links with the glass and itself to form a strong chemical bond. It is completely transparent, chemically inert, non-hazardous and UV stable. Converts ordinary glass into a higher quality of glass which is ‘non-stick’, Anti-Microbial Glass, preventing contamination and corrosion of all glass surfaces.

Unlike a coating, ClearShield becomes part of the glass and will never discolour, peel or crack. This protection is strong and durable because ClearShield Glass has an ultra-thin but hard-wearing layer of polymeric resin that is applied as a liquid but when cured, bonds chemically to the glass surface creating an invisible, ‘non-stick’ barrier. It resists both organic and inorganic substances that chemically bond to unprotected glass preventing losses in clarity, visibility and cleanliness.





ClearShield keeps your glass looking like new and easier to clean. ClearShield®, the protective element in the System, works like non-stick’ cookware but onto glass surfaces.

  • Keep showers looking ‘like’ new
  • Clear Glass Balustrades around the Pool, Stairwells, Decks
  • Maintaining Home Appearance with a Clear View
  • Optimise solar energy with better efficient Solar Panels
  • Sparkling Kitchens with easy to clean Splashbacks, stovetops and glass ovens
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Protect exterior glass and other glass surfaces in commercial and hospitality with easy-to-clean ClearShield Glass Protection. Bacteria, viruses and fungi wont stick to Clearshield Glass.

Maintain upkeep of glass during construction ensuring no damage to glass due to concrete splatters. It easily repels water stains, environmental pollutants, provides effective protection against staining and adhesion and growth of micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi.

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Just as unprotected metal rusts, unprotected glass degrades. Contaminants stick firmly to the surface of unprotected glass, reducing visibility and ruining its appearance. Problem Glass becomes increasingly difficult to clean and keep clean often found with building run off markings, limescale from concrete facades, concrete splatter during construction and normal environmental pollution. 

ClearShield unique glass renovation process removes contamination – both organic and inorganic – from the surface of Problem Glass when regular cleaning is no longer effective.

When all else fails, renovation is the ideal solution for exterior and interior glass that have been contaminated and stained.

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