Marine Projects

Fuller Ferries

The restoration and treatment to date of several Fuller Ferries, with ClearShield, was commissioned by Fullers Group Ltd after a successful trial period, which had been closely monitored over a period of time. The Ferries were treated while in dry dock so cherry pickers were commissioned to complete the project in a very tight deadline.

Fullers made the decision to use ClearShield to restore and treat the glass after previous methods had failed. ClearShield Glass Auckland is providing on-going support and inspections of the vessels to ensure customer satisfaction.



Sealink contacted ClearShield Glass Auckland and enquired about having the glass on the Seacat restored and treated. A trial period prior to the approval from Sealink was also undertaken. A complete maintenance programme was carried out on the Seacat at a Whangarei slipway from where the glass was restored and treated with ClearShield. Glass clarity was returned for the crew and passengers as well as the added ‘ease of clean’ and resistance of future staining.




SY Erica XII

The Erica XII is a 52.5m classic sloop and is one of the largest yachts in the world. ClearShield had been applied to her windows and portholes whilst in the Netherlands two years previous. The Captain and Crew were so impressed with the lasting qualities and ease of clean that they commissioned ClearShield Glass Auckland for a ‘top up’ procedure ( see testimonials ). ClearShield Glass Auckland was proud to be involved with this beautiful yacht.





SY Athena

The SY Athena, one of the jewels in the crown of the NZ marine scene ventured into these shores for a comprehensive maintenance and service program. ClearShield Auckland was commissioned to treat the windows, portholes and showers on board this impressive 90m vessel. The Athena can claim to be both the largest sailing yacht in the world and one of the largest launched since the 1930s.





MY White rabbit

The motor yacht White Rabbit is a vessel of impressive proportions. This 61 metre luxury yacht boasts a trimaran multihull. ClearShield Auckland was employed to restore and treat the glass so as to avoid concerns with water staining. The Captain and crew were impressed with the end result and the Chief Officer's parting words were "We will spread the good word".





MY Ulysses

The Ulysses is a 56 metre floating work of art and is able to accomodate up to 12 guests inside six state rooms. It was an absolute pleasure and honour for ClearShield Glass Auckland to be a part of the refurbishment of the Ulysses undertaken in Auckland. 





MY Exuma, U21, SY Como, VvS1 and Container Ship - Spirit of Resolution




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