Glass is beautiful, functional and versatile; specified by architects, designers and developers because it lets in the light, promises clear vision and is easy to clean.

Wonderful as it is, however, glass does have some disadvantages. Just as unprotected metal rusts, unprotected glass degrades. Atmospheric pollution, corrosion from humidity and other contaminants such as metal oxides, limescale and construction materials reduce the glass’ visibility and ruins its appearance. Cleaning costs escalate as time goes on and the glass ages.

Now the solution is clear

The ClearShield system is a unique ‘non-stick’ surface technology that provides unrivalled benefits wherever glass is specified.
It stays cleaner between cleans, and is much easier to clean reducing the time spent each clean. As many window cleaning companies quote by time or by the drop this results in a reduced cost per clean.

It reduces the frequency of cleaning, resulting in substantial cost savings. The cost of cleaning the windows of a modern high-rise building can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

A building with ClearShield Low-M® Glass treated windows can cut cleaning frequency by more than half.

The Heathrow Airport control tower reduced its frequency of cleaning from 7 times a week to once a week. Imagine the cost savings they enjoyed!

The glass stays in pristine condition, ensuring your building will continue looking beautiful much longer between cleans.

ClearShield Low-M® Glass is chemically inert or non-reactive with most substances. It therefore acts as a barrier against the bonding of contaminants and is more resistant against the attacks of moisture and alkalinity.

ClearShield Low-M® Glass is less than a micron thick and will not bond to any surfaces other than vitreous, washing off of other surfaces with such normal cleaning methods as­­ soap and warm water.

ClearShield Low-M® Glass can be produced in factory or applied on-site to existing glass by our specially trained technicians, converting the surface of ordinary glass to ‘non-stick’ low-maintenance glass.

ClearShield’s performance has been independently verified by testing organisations, laboratories, universities and major glass companies around the world.

Recipient of the Prince of Wales Awards for Industrial Innovation and was honoured as a Millenium Product by the Design Council of Great Britain.

" can justifiably claim, as a Millenium Product company, to represent the very best of British innovation, creativity and design..."

- Rt Hon Tony Blair MP, UK Prime Minister

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