What a 'fantastic' experience we have had with ClearShield. Right from our initial contact seeking information* about the product, and finding an applicator, Brent Lewis went out of his way to help us. He went the 'extra mile' so to speak, to ensure we could have ClearShield applied to all windows in our home and we are absolutely delighted with the wonderful finished result and highly recommend it to others. So well done Brent Lewis, we commend you for the outstanding service you provided for us and we will always appreciate it.
G & R Turnbull - New Plymouth

*After doing our own research reading we concluded that ClearShield was a superior product to what else was available.


About Us

The story of ClearShield began in 1981, when Stephen and Karen Byers investigated the potential for low-maintenance glass. They subsequently acquired rights to new technology for glass surface protection. Extensive research and improvements to the original formula followed, and the technology was branded 'ClearShield'. In 1987, Ritec International Ltd was formed in the UK and continued to develop solutions for glass surface protection and renovation in the flat glass industry, effectively leading the market and gaining immense field experience with its high quality technology ClearShield® System.

In 1987, Ritec International Ltd was formed by Stephen and Karen Byers. For over 30 years, the company developed the market for glass surface protection in the flat glass industry, effectively leading the industry and gaining immense field experience with its high quality technology, the ClearShield System.

Ritec’s ClearShield 'Non-Stick' GlassTM has gained wide recognition and acceptance in the processing of glass as the industry and end-users of glass have become increasingly aware of the need to protect glass so that it keeps its promise of clarity, visibility and cleanliness over time.

ClearShield Glass Auckland (CGA) became a licensed applicator of ClearShield and its system in October 2006. Since then it has enjoyed success as an on-site applicator in New Zealand.  In March 2012 CGA was appointed Sub Distributor of the ClearShield System by ClearShield Australia and we grew the business from only six applicators to almost thirty. In June 2014 CGA was appointed Marketing Partner for New Zealand by Ritec International Ltd and we know that direct communication with the UK will only help to contribute to even more growth of the ClearShield System. With our dedicated and experienced team of applicators we look forward to servicing the length and breadth of New Zealand.


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